Room partitioning of surpassing beauty

Whether used as room partitions in homes, offices or restaurants, the steel & glass partition wall systems from RP Technik with their particularly slim face widths add special accents when dividing large areas. These steel systems combine functionality with attractive design and processing advantages such as the tool-free glazing bead installation of the rp fineline 70 series. The validated characteristics of our V-shaped steel & glass partitions, e.g. for fire & smoke protection or sound insulation requirements, constitute additional benefits of these systems.

rp fineline 70W

rp fineline 60W

rp hermetic 70W

rp hermetic 55W

rp hermetic 75BR

rp hermetic 70FP-30

rp hermetic 70FP-60

rp hermetic 70FP-90

rp hermetic 55FP-30

rp hermetic 55FP-60

rp hermetic 55FP-90

rp hermetic 55FP-120

rp hermetic 55FP-180

rp hermetic 90FP-120

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