Jansen Art’15


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Slim steel profile system for interior doors and walls

The extremely reduced face width of Jansen Art’15, the new non-insulated steel profile system from Jansen, allows a unique design, while the steel material ensures a long service life. In this way, Jansen Art’15 not only meets the high design demands of ambitious architects, but also the high expectations of discerning clients in terms of design and function. Jansen Art’15 doors and partitions separate the entrance hall from the living space, the kitchen from the dining area, or the home office from the living room, without compromising on the generous space. The extremely narrow, highly resilient steel profile system always ensures durable, highly stable constructions in an unparalleled slimline frame.


  • Minimal face widths
  • Transparent room divider in the interior
  • Three design options


  • renovation and new construction

Available as:

  • Window-door
  • Projected top-hung window

Materials/surface finishes

  • Bright
  • Strip galvanised steel

Window types / opening types

  • Interior doors, single and double-leaf, with sidelight and toplight
  • Interior fixed glazing


  • Wet glazing or putty
  • Locks and handles for the window doors
  • Floor seals
  • Curved units
  • Glass thicknesses of 6 to 24 mm
  • Max. weight 100 kg

Special technical features

  • Basic depth of 50 mm
  • Very narrow face widths
  • Fixed glazing 25 mm
  • Door leaf 43 mm
  • Door meeting stile design 66 mm
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Door leaf sizes up to 900 x 2400 mm

Test certificates

  • Airborne sound insulation up to Rw 43 dB
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